Hi and welcome.

My name is Theodora. I was born in December of 1985 in Athens, Greece, where I live until today.

This is me.


My daily cooking and baking occupation started in 2011, when my boyfriend and I decided to live together.

I cook  for my family and friends. I bake, make desserts and pastries for family dinners, birthdays and my blog.

While cooking often makes me nervous, baking has a therapeutic power on me. It calms me and helps me release the stress.

Every now and then I get obsessed with a new ingredient.

Recent musts: Coconut milk, almond flour, bananas, oats, strained Greek yogurt.

I love buying plates, serving dishes, pots and pans.

I also love collecting cooking/baking books.

This is how my dream kitchen would look like.

dream kitchen
photo from carlaaston.com

White wooden cabinets, granite/marble/quartz countertops and large windows (preferably with a garden view).

This is how my kitchen looks like.

SAMSUNG CSCLight brown laminate cabinets, white laminate countertops and a window facing a wall. Having said that, I must admit that I absolutely love the dishwasher and I am grateful for the adequate counter space.

I do not have any children, yet, but I am a proud owner of a 3 year old male Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This is my dog.


new milouIn this blog you will find recipes mainly about baked goods and desserts. Also stories about my dog, me and all the things that interest me the most. All photos are taken by me, unless otherwise noted.

I love food/baking/pastry blogs, I respect each person’s work and I have no intention to claim other people’s recipes my own. If a recipe is not mine Ι always mention the source and if my inspiration comes from another blog or site I link with ♥.

Want to know a bit more?

Read more about my story behind blogging or my Sjogren’s.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Theodora.