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The 2016 Food Blog Awards competition came to an end with the winner in the Sweet Treats category being Marislurp. I want to congratulate her and wish her the best!!!

I left the competition early as I never completed all the baking tasks and honestly couldn’t keep up with the competition. I feel sad because this time the competition, at least in the Sweet Treats category, was very intense. Last year I was lucky to meet new people and make good friends. This year, to my surprise, the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that characterized the contest was gone. I was ashamed to read facebook posts from other contestants saying that, since they didn’t win, the contest was fake. They think the winner of the category isn’t good enough. Wait a minute. What????? Somewhere along the way we’ve lost it. We lost the real meaning in all of this.

Anyways I know I owe you a tsoureki recipe. I have the “material” needed as I baked and photographed my sweet breads before the due date but I never managed to put the post together. I wanted this post to be the ultimate tsoureki baking guide. I had everything planned and took the photos I wanted for my short how-to video but writing the post seems so overwhelming at the moment. I just want to rediscover the joy in baking without feeling obliged to create blogging worthy content and take descent food photos.

I have some thoughts on how I can fit food blogging back into my life but for the next few months I’ll let things roll slowly. Maybe I’ll re-write some old posts and change my bog’s header to fit the season? We’ll see. Until then I think you can check my recipe index for delicious recipes.

Do you have any ideas about Sweet Applepie? Is there something you would like to see? A specific recipe? A baking technique? Let me know.

Good-bye for now friends.

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