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It’s been a while. People who have been following this blog for a while know one thing for sure:
I am not a consistent blogger.
There have been times when new posts kept coming each week followed by periods of silence (both short and long).
This is probably one of the reasons why my blog isn’t popular (I think it also comes with the fact I am not aggressive on social media). Blogging is a hobby for me and this blog’s name and layout have changed more than once while I was trying to find my style and fit blogging into my life.Vegan waffles - Sweet Applepie blog #waffles #vegan #breakfast #dairyfree

What’s been going on lately:
Well, first of all I’ve been full time busy taking care of my baby and trying to figure out how to live without dairy (and for a short period of time also without eggs, corn, soy and…wait…WHEAT!). Going wheat and corn-free at the same time is really tricky because most packaged gluten-free flour mixes contain corn starch. This actually means that you have to buy a bunch of different flour types (e.g. quinoa flour, potato starch, rice flour e.t.c.), study their chemical properties and combine them make your own flour mix which is practically impossible to do when you have a teeny tiny cute little baby in your arms almost all day long. I must admit I practically starved for a month. Anyway, this is behind me now. I’ll do the dairy-free thing for a couple more months and then I am done. I am counting days. By the way all these cheesy pasta and puff pastry twists recipes on Pinterest don’t help at all!

Secondly, although the terms free time and getting some rest make absolutely no sense to me at the time, I decided to register for the 2016 Food Blog Awards (call me crazy, I just can’t give up). Some of you may remember that last year my blog got the title of the Best Baking Blog at the 2015 Food Blog Awards organized by the very popular Greek food magazine VIMAGourmet. This year my humble little blog, renewed and with a new name, is competing in the Best Sweet Treats category. The 2nd food blogging contest has begun and I’d be really happy I you’d vote for Sweet Applepie here. Thank you!

Thirdly, I am working on a new post that includes a giveaway. I’ll tell you more about that soon…Vegan waffles - Sweet Applepie blog #waffles #vegan #breakfast #dairyfree

These waffles are a dairy-free and also vegan version of my favorite waffle recipe. They are baked beautifully in any common waffle iron. However, I don’t suggest baking these waffles in one of those amazing, Belgian style waffle irons only because the batter is a bit “weak” (no eggs, not much of rising agents) and can’t rise enough while baking to create thick and fluffy waffles, like Belgian type waffles are. They are a bit crunchy and don’t feel soggy, like some buttermilk waffle recipes do. I love them. As a matter of fact I think I am done with common waffle recipes. I’ll stick with the dairy-free one.Vegan waffles - Sweet Applepie blog #waffles #vegan #breakfast #dairyfree

The idea of making waffles for breakfast, when there is almost no free time available, might sound a bit off but I can assure you that having these waffles for breakfast is probably one of the least time consuming dairy-free breakfast options. You need 5 minutes tops to make the batter, which by the way you can make the night before, and 5 minutes to bake the waffles. Using a scale to weight the ingredients makes things so much easier. All you need is one bowl and a whisk.
Extra bonus: You only need one hand to grease the waffle iron and pour the batter in. The other hand is free to hold the baby!
Fruit make an excellent waffle toping for breakfast and melted dark chocolate would work great as well. I like serving my waffles with bananas and maple syrup.

Vegan waffles - Sweet Applepie blog #waffles #vegan #breakfast #dairyfree

Vegan waffles - Sweet Applepie blog #waffles #vegan #breakfast #dairyfree

Dairy-free | Vegan Waffles
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  1. (For 4 waffles)
  2. 250g / 8.80oz almond milk
  3. 80g / 2.80oz vegetable oil
  4. 1 tsp brown sugar (optional, I don’t use any)
  5. 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  6. The seeds of half a vanilla bean or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  7. The zest of a clementine (or half an orange/lemon zest)
  8. 1/2 tsp baking powder
  9. 70g / 2.40oz whole wheat flour
  10. 130g / 4.60oz all-purpose flour
  1. Place almond milk, vegetable oil, sugar (optional), cinnamon, vanilla, clementine zest, baking powder and whole wheat flour in a bowl and whisk until combined.
  2. Add all-purpose flour and whisk until fully incorporated.
  3. Heat waffle iron and grease with vegetable oil or vegan butter if needed.
  4. Pour batter onto hot waffle iron. I use a foul soup ladle of batter (that's 1/2 cup) for each waffle. Close top lid and cook waffles until there is no more steam coming out (this takes about 3-4 minutes depending the waffle iron).
  5. Serve with fresh fruit (e.g. apples or bananas) and use toppings of your liking like nuts (e.g. slivered almonds or walnuts), maple syrup, jam or honey (dairy-free but not vegan).
  1. You can use only all-purpose flour if you don’t like whole wheat. I find that a combination of the two flours adds to the taste and texture of the waffles.
  2. Batter made in advance and kept in the fridge thickens a bit. Add 20-30g of almond milk and whisk again to bring the batter back to its original consistency.
Sweet Applepie http://www.sweetapplepie.eu/

Final note:
Going dairy-free in order to avoid an allergic reaction is not the same as going vegan. A dairy-free diet may include eggs and honey for example.

Also, when baking for a person with allergies you shouldn’t use products that could pottentially contain traces of the allergen. You can’t eat or use dark chocolate in baking, for instance, since commercial brands always warn for traces of milk in the packaging. You can, however, use chocolate suitable for vegans, provided it does not contain soy lecithin, since soy is also accused of triggering allergic reactions.
Dairy-free baking is a whole new field to explore.

Happy baking!

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