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This is the last post of a short series with suggestions on how to make our food a bit healthier. I know, not everything is baking related but as I’ve mentioned in the past this blog changes as my life changes. I’ve been spending more time cooking than baking lately. There is little time available and the need to feed oneself nutritious food is more important than the desire to bake delicious treats. A new post is coming soon with an update on what I’ve been doing lately and a dairy-free waffle recipe. 

Now, let’s see some stunning ideas for cooking fish.

Although fish is a nutritional food – holding an important position in the Mediterranean food pyramid and suggested to be included in your diet one to three times a week – not everyone is a fan of the most traditional recipes. In order to enjoy this healthy and delicious food and to make fish easier to include in your weekly menu, we’ve gathered some delicious recipes for you to try.

 Salmon with vegetable pesto sauce

Salmon is extremely rich in omega 3 fats, which belong to the unsaturated fats category. Unsaturated fats are famed for their benefits towards maintaining a healthy heart, while keeping HDL cholesterol in desired levels.

A simple and tasty way of including salmon in your diet is to go for pan-grilled salmon to save some time while cooking. For extra flavour, add some gorgeous green vegetables (wild greens, broccoli, asparagus) dressed with some pesto sauce and squeezed lemon juice to enjoy a speedy yet superb meal.   

Herring with linguini

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with this delicious and healthy dish. Firstly, this fish stands out with its rich flavour. Secondly, herring is an oily fish and therefore has a well-documented impact on good heart health.

Take all the benefits from this healthy and inexpensive choice, ideally accompanied with pasta (preferably wholemeal pasta to get the added fibre), and enjoy a sophisticated combination of flavours and aromas.

Trout with potatoes

If you want to go for something a bit more classic, trout and potatoes (boiled or baked) is a good choice. The nutritional value of trout is remarkable, as it includes good fats which help keep HDL cholesterol at a low level.

The humble potato is a great staple food, as it is both nutritious (combining the properties of both starchy foods and vegetables) and versatile. You can sauté diced potatoes in some olive oil or cut out fat completely by boiling them; both go very well with trout.

Tuna burger

Go beyond the usual recipes by trying this delicious tuna burger. Choosing tuna instead of meat will obviously give you a flavour that’s different to the one you’re used to finding in a bun, but this version is both healthier and can taste amazing. Remember that tuna is high in protein, vitamins and omega 3 fats that are shown to be a precious ally to good heart health and vision.

Add some herbs and vegetables like rocket, basil, mint, onion, tomato, coriander, and squeezed lemon juice or alternatively red chili pepper for a deliciously aromatic tuna burger. Try cooking tuna burgers on the barbecue to reach flavour nirvana.

Mackerel with potato salad

Mackerel is considered to be an extremely nutritional food, because it combines vitamins B and D, metals like selenium, iron and iodine, and the necessary omega 3 fats that are valuable for heart health. Moreover, mackerel is an affordable alternative to more expensive fish, which means there is little reason for it not to grace your kitchen table at least once a week.

A potato salad made from waxy, boiled potatoes, chives and some low-fat crème fraiche makes an ideal accompaniment to mackerel, especially if it’s smoked. Serve with a green salad for a gorgeous cold meal that’s perfect for lunch.

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