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Hello, everyone!

I know, another no-recipe post BUT I must say I have something baked and photographed so there will be a new post soon. I promise.

Today is the day: The day of the name change.

I announced that there would be a name change a few months ago. I already knew the name and I had the new domain registered. Now it’s time for you to know too.

The new Blog name is: Sweet Applepie.

Do you like it? I love it! Now I want to explain what it means for me.

Well, first of all it’s the obvious: This name is about the real Apple pie. The dessert I used to hate until I discovered how to make it. Apple pie was the first pie I ever made with the first pastry dough I ever made from scratch (it was a pâte brisée). Now it’s my favourite pie and whenever I make it I can’t help but think back at the beginning of my baking journey.

Secondly, this name reminds me of my beloved dog. Yes I will get into that now. When we got our doggie we decided to name him after Tintin’s dog friend. In Tintin’s Greek cartoon compilation the adventurous white doggie is called Milou (I know probably the name is not the same at the original cartoon series). Now, the name Milou sounds close to the Greek word Milo which means Apple. Over the years our sweet dog acquired many nicknames, with one of them being “Milopitas” which freely translates to “Apple pie”. So there it is my Sweet pet friend…my Sweet Applepie!

So the new name is shorter than the last one. I think it’s easier to remember and it has several positive connotations for me.

I have the new domain on which is but the old domain will be up for a while in order to make the transition easier.

Xo Theodora.

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