2015 Food Blog Awards: Tkd Anounced as the Best Baking Blog, Committee Award!


Hello everyone! 

I have news. Great news!

As all of you know theoDORA’s kitchen diaries was a nominee at the 2015 Food Blog Awards by VimaGourmet magazine (I do not want to bore you with repeating stuff you already know so I won’t say more about the nominees, the challenges and the posts; you can read all about these stuff here and here).
On Saturday the magazine hosted and amazing party where the winners of the awards were announced and guess what:

We won, I mean the blog and I won, the committee award of the Best Baking competing category!

Best Baking Blog 2015

Isn’t that amazing? The prize was a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer. A mixer I knew I wanted but I couldn’t afford and guys now it’s standing on my kitchen counter! Oh, I can’t wait to start baking with this yellow baby.

Kitchen Aid Artisan yellow

I actually won much more than just a mixer. I think the most important is that I met people that share the same interests with me; so many warm and kind people that I already feel I’ve known for so long. Secondly, participating in this competition pushed me to improve myself as a blogger.

I do not have any photos from the party because honestly I just wanted to enjoy and have good time with my friends. Usually when you get into the “take photo’s” mood you just wander around trying to catch a good photo and you actually miss everything. So my camera was left home. There were photographers that took many photos of us so if I happen to have access to any of these photos I will share them with you.

I want to say a big thank you to the magazine for giving amateur bloggers, like me, the opportunity to participate an event as big as the Food Blog Awards. I also want to thank the great sponsor Vitam for a great cooperation and the BEST GIFT EVER! Vitam is the margarine brand that has been in almost every Greek house for years now helping mothers bake delicious cakes, cookies and pies.

I also want to congratulate all winners for their accomplishments and the rest of the participants for doing such a great job with their blogs. Oh, and thank you all for being so kind and warm with me, for talking to me, congratulating me… It means the world!

I’ll be back with a new recipe (the first recipe for 2016) by the end of the week.

Xo, Theodora.

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  • 2 years ago

    Συγχαρητήρια και πάλι Θεοδώρα μου!! Χάρηκα που κέρδισες και που σε γνώρισα και “διαδικτυακά” μέσα από αυτή τη διαδικασία! Ελπίζω να τα πούμε σύντομαι και από κοντά 🙂 Και πάλι μπράβο!!!! Και εις ανώτερα!

    • Theodora
      2 years ago

      Να’σαι καλά Αθηνά! Ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ!

  • Συγχαρητήρια και από εδώ Θεοδώρα!
    Χάρηκα που σε είδα και από κοντά, αν και δεν προλάβαμε να μιλήσουμε 🙂
    Πάντα επιτυχίες εύχομαι!
    Σε φιλώ!

    • Theodora
      2 years ago

      Ευχαριστώ πολύ Ερμιόνη! Ναι, δε μιλήσαμε πολύ, χάρηκα όμως που σε είδα από κοντά. Εκπέμπεις μια ηρεμία, όπως ακριβώς το φανταζόμουν από όσα διαβάζω στις αναρτήσεις σου. Ελπίζω να ξαναβρεθούμε. Φιλάκια!

  • 2 years ago

    συγχαρητήρια κι από εδώ!! πάντα επιτυχίες!
    μα τι όμορφο που είναι το δώρο σου! 😉

    • Theodora
      2 years ago

      🙂 Ευχαριστώ πολύ γλυκιά μου Ευούλα!!!

  • neanikon
    2 years ago

    Άπειρα μπράβο Θεοδώρα!!!! Το μίξερ φαίνεται τέλειο!
    Καλό βράδυ !!!

    • Theodora
      2 years ago

      Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!! Το έχω για στολίδι 🙂 Φιλιά!

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