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Calling all coconut lovers; I have a special recipe for you.

I give you the ultimate Coconut Pineapple Cake recipe, which also happens to be dairy-free for those interested. A cake that people who tested it described it as the lightest dessert they have ever had. I know, you expect Christmas cookies and traditional dessert recipes from me this time of year but bear with me. I’ll explain everything.

A few days ago I received a Greek copy of the book The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook published by Terzopoulos Books. I must admit I wanted to buy this book. It’s been in my cookbook wish list for quite some time. I wanted to try at least one Hummingbird Bakery cupcake recipe, as they are said to be delicious.

It’s been a while. People who have been following this blog for a while know one thing for sure:
I am not a consistent blogger.
There have been times when new posts kept coming each week followed by periods of silence (both short and long).
This is probably one of the reasons why my blog isn’t popular (I think it also comes with the fact I am not aggressive on social media). Blogging is a hobby for me and this blog’s name and layout have changed more than once while I was trying to find my style and fit blogging into my life.Vegan waffles - Sweet Applepie blog #waffles #vegan #breakfast #dairyfree

What’s been going on lately:
Well, first of all I’ve been full time busy taking care of my baby and trying to figure out how to live without dairy (and for a short period of time also without eggs, corn, soy and…wait…WHEAT!). Going wheat and corn-free at the same time is really tricky because most packaged gluten-free flour mixes contain corn starch. This actually means that you have to buy a bunch of different flour types (e.g. quinoa flour, potato starch, rice flour e.t.c.), study their chemical properties and combine them make your own flour mix which is practically impossible to do when you have a teeny tiny cute little baby in your arms almost all day long. I must admit I practically starved for a month. Anyway, this is behind me now. I’ll do the dairy-free thing for a couple more months and then I am done. I am counting days. By the way all these cheesy pasta and puff pastry twists recipes on Pinterest don’t help at all!

Hello friends,

This is the last post of a short series with suggestions on how to make our food a bit healthier. I know, not everything is baking related but as I’ve mentioned in the past this blog changes as my life changes. I’ve been spending more time cooking than baking lately. There is little time available and the need to feed oneself nutritious food is more important than the desire to bake delicious treats. A new post is coming soon with an update on what I’ve been doing lately and a dairy-free waffle recipe. 

Now, let’s see some stunning ideas for cooking fish.

Although fish is a nutritional food – holding an important position in the Mediterranean food pyramid and suggested to be included in your diet one to three times a week – not everyone is a fan of the most traditional recipes. In order to enjoy this healthy and delicious food and to make fish easier to include in your weekly menu, we’ve gathered some delicious recipes for you to try.

Butter is a necessary ingredient in most of our favorite recipes, from cakes and pasta to sandwiches and risotto. However, if you are looking for healthy butter substitutes – either because butter isn’t a heart-friendly option, or in order to take better care of your health overall – you can find some great ideas in the list below. The results are equally delicious, and the meals you create will have been made with ingredients that can help to keep your calorie intake, fat intake, and cholesterol levels in check.   

It’s been a month at home with the baby. 30 whole days. I would say the most difficult part for me is breastfeeding. I am trying to make it work. I will say, from my experience so far, that breastfeeding is not as easy as it is usually described to be.

One of the most challenging parts is to feed yourself. When you have no time to cook and no free hands to prepare a proper meal potato chips, chocolate bars and store bought cookies held in the kitchen cabinet often become the number one choise for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is however another, healthier, option; You can have a salad instead. Just send someone to the market to buy some bags of pre-washed salad vegetables for you. Set the potato chip bag asside and keep reading to learn how to make a healthy and delicious salad.

saladWhen you want to eat healthily, but don’t have the time to cook a hot meal, salad is a quick and easy solution. That’s if you’re making it with the right ingredients – if you’re not, your salad could be a less-than-ideal option for your cholesterol levels. Don’t worry, though: the smart tips below are here to help you to make delicious and healthy salads every time.

Greek Walnut Cake with Syrup - Sweet Applepie #cake #walnut #syrup #bakingSeptember is almost over but temperatures are still high, like summer high, and that’s not cool at all I tell you. I miss the pleasant petrichor that follows autumn rain and the feeling of the slight cool breeze on my face. I don’t think we are going to get into fall mood for another month or so though.
That’s about climate of course because baking is another story. Apples, walnuts, grape must and fresh grape syrup are now on the market and I can’t hold myself. I know most of this stuff can be found all year round nowadays but you know it and I know it: Fruit and vegetables taste best when eaten in season.
Last year I baked Greek Grape Syrup Cookies. Today I am sharing a recipe for a Greek Walnut Cake.
I was in my mother’s house when she decided to make this cake and I managed to take some photos because I really wanted to share this recipe with you.

Baked Pineapple Cheesecake - Sweet Applepie #cheesecake #baking #pineapple #baked cheesecake

Baked Pineapple Cheesecake - Sweet Applepie #cheesecake #baking #pineapple #baked cheesecake

Hello everyone!

A few days ago, on the 13th was the blog’s birthday! Last year I made an impressive Concorde Gateau (aka Chocolate Mousse Meringue Cake) to celebrate the day. Today I have a Baked Pineapple Cheesecake with Greek Yogurt and Ginger for you. It’s a special dessert dedicated to a special day.
This cheesecake was on my “to bake for the blog” list for quite some time now. I don’t know why it took me so long to share this recipe with you.

Chocolate Mousse Pie - Sweet Applepie #pie #chocolate #mousse

With swollen feet and an intense feeling of hunger, that almost never goes away, I keep counting weeks. My due date happens to be September 13; same day as the blog’s birthday.  Doctor ordered rest because baby needs to put on some weight so any baking plans have been left aside for the moment. It’s kind of sad because I’ve been trying for quite some time to make this blog better. I have so many ideas about recipes, new posts and YouTube videos all noted down in my bullet journal (it’s my new thing).
Although I have been told that the first few weeks (or maybe months) with a newborn are really difficult I hope that after a while I will be able to start baking regularly again. Maybe wearing a sling or a carrier could help? I don’t know. All I know is I am not ready to give up blogging.

Here we go! Another pie crust dedicated post. Today I am sharing my favorite Flaky Shortcrust Pastry recipe. This crust is amazing to use when making American style fruit pies and mousse pies. The main characteristic of this dough is flakiness.
The basic ingredients for the Flaky Shortcrust Pastry are the same with the ingredients used for the Pâte Brisée: Flour, Fat, Water/Liquid, Salt, Flavorings. I won’t get into describing everything in detail, in order to avoid boring repetitions. You can read the detailed post about the Pâte Brisée and the ingredients mentioned above, here. I will, though, talk about the things that are different regarding ingredients, ratios and the method used to make this dough.

Ingredient notes


The suggested type of flour for the Flaky Shortcrust is all-purpose flour because it is considered to have the right gluten content to provide structure to the dough, enough to create the desired layers, without making it tough.

Hi everyone!

This is the first post of a series dedicated to tart and pie crusts. My goal is to give you the basic information about pastries and show you how to make crusts for your favorite tarts and pies. The recipes I am going to present to you are simple as I really want to focus on crusts.
I always have a hard time presenting in detail complicated recipes, with many different components, without creating a really long and boring post.
Today we are making a Strawberry Galette focusing on the famous Pâte Brisée; the delicious dough we often meet in savoury tarts and quiches, galettes and rustic fruit pies.

Strawberry Galette - Sweet Applepie #tarts #pies #galette #strawberries

Strawberry Galette - Sweet Applepie #tarts #pies #galette #strawberries

Pâte Brisée is actually the French shortcrust pastry and it is more or less the same with the English shortcrust (I would say that probably the only difference is that in many English crust recipes butter is substituted for lard). I do, however think that Pâte Brisée (or the European shortcrust in general) is a bit different from the American style shortcrust.

Differences will be more obvious after my next post, which will be dedicated to the American shortcrust. Today we are baking the French way.

The term short in baking

Baked goods with little gluten development, as a result of high fat content, are considered to be short.
Fats like butter, shortening, margarine and lard have the ability to shorten gluten strands. When mixed with flour, fat surrounds its particles preventing the formation of gluten. The result is tender baked goods.